Omega Technologies offers a variety of support options to ensure our technicians respond to client needs as timely and affordably as we can. We can attend on-onsite at your business, log in remotely over the internet or talk clients through simple issues on the phone.


Networking is the back-bone of your business: connecting all your devices to each other and the internet is critical to worry-free operations. From internet, phone and VOIP connections, data cabling and installation, as well as secure wireless, we can offer you all the options.

From a new office wiring fitout, wireless bridges between building, or simply troubleshooting your existing networking issues, we’ve got the products and expertise to meet your needs

IT Security

Omega Technologies will help you assess the risk of an attack to your business’s IT infrastructure and provide guidance on how best to guard against the threat and keep your network and your data safe and secure through a mix of endpoint anti-virus solution, UTM devices, and cloud-based solutions.

Prevention is always better than the cure.

Data recovery

Losing data can be very stressful. If you’ve ever had a hard drive fail on you, you know the feeling. You can be confident though that we are determined to recover your data and have access to a variety of tools that can recover lost data from broken hard drives. To safeguard against future data loss, we’d be pleased to discuss with you a backup solution that satisfies your business’s needs.

Network design, deployment, service & maintenance

Omega Technologies can design, deploy and maintain your network. Our networking solutions will assist you access, apply and integrate technology to help build a more consolidated network and reduce management and operating costs.

Software & hardware sales & support

Omega Technologies are registered partners of Meraki, iiNet, Microsoft Office 365, Sophos, Hewlett Packard, Sonos, Exclaimer, Cisco, StorageCraft and Kounta

We sell an incredibly wide range of products in our quest to be a single-source supplier for business needs. We sell computers and servers, networking equipment, security and surveillance devices, back-up and recovery solutions, and a huge range of software options, so that we can offer a solution for any business requirements you may have


Systems integration

Need a facelift? A business with multiple IT systems can be confusing, inefficient and reduce productivity. We  can assist with either consolidating or replacing your assortment of older components and programs.